When is life back to normal ?

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It is true that life may not be same as it was before for quite a good length of time. Even the so called vaccines rolled out need time to do the job. It is usually a few weeks for the body to build immunity after vaccination.Thus to have an established efficacy among demographies, it takes a considerable time.Needless to say that the timeline for all the people to have the shots or even to attain herd immunity depends upon a number factors such as availability, accessibility, and affordability of the vaccines.Also the travel restrictions and social distancing are likely to gain momentum despite the vaccines being popular for the simple fact that people in different countries are not equally sensitive to the demands of precautionary measures and as such, nations like India where relatively greater care is evinced by the people compared to even many advanced countries,got to keep themselves in isolation to reap the maximum benefit from their practices.The intensity of new strain in Britain with reports of more than 50,000 cases in 24 hours indicates the alarming trend.

Another very important feature in the context is the length of time for which the immunity lasts after a successful vaccinations.Findings from different studies forecast this period from a few months to a few years ! Let alone the features of new strain, many such details of an already prevalent strain are not yet certain.With so much of research going on  in so many facets of the pandemic it is indisputable that restoration of global normalcy may only be after 2021.Meanwhile, the impact on economies, ability to pump and pour in funds for stimulus,rising unemployment, poverty, hunger, wealth inequality, new work cultureslike WFH,telemedicine,distanced personal contacts,are all  going to pave way for a newly evolved order and all this amid rising global threats like climate change, terrorism,jingoism,xenophobia,military and diplomatic animosities and aggressions among nations.

Till the vaccines reach all,the strictest adherence to measures like social distancing, wearing masks, frequent hand sanitising, good ventilation all assume great significance as it is  rightly said that no one is safe until every one is safe and it is here the role of people plays crucial role in ensuring a faster and cost effective recovery from a massive shock !