What shall we do to minimise risk in the pandemic

A continuous awareness programme through  constant messaging is needed to alert the public on risk minimisation strategies.With You Tube, and umpteen number of channels available, besides other social media platforms,the preventive measures of ‘ social vaccine’ are broadcast and telecast time and again ! Still it is shocking to note that many ,even the so called literate and the highly educated too are seen to defy the norms.Now that we live in a world where economies and essentials too are intertwined,theproblem faces global challenges and thus calls for a global effort.Reports of demonstrations by people against the protocols of these measures speaks high of the difficulty to comprehend the callousness or indifference to one’s own safety and that of others ! Even an alert message as a ring tone with every mobile call has not served the purpose to the desired degree.Perhaps this behaviour needs a special and extensive study by behavioural psychologists.

There are however two facets involved :1.the momentum in creation of awareness and 2.the mounting undue panic that may set in due to repeated exposure to the gravity of seriousness ! A delicate balancing is needed on the two facets involved with a real time briefing on the updates from the scientific findings.

My solution to this problem lies in : 1. The individuals advising and warning strictly those that one comes into contact 2.imposing fines for violation by the governments for collective good 3.Erecting banners or hoardings in public places with slogans like :

(a)“You have no right to deny the life to others by your negligence” (b) “Your family needs your care for long” (c) “your life is in your hands” (d) the best social service at this juncture is to stay safe and let others stay so (e) a small mistake may cost your life and life time savings too and (f) leave some thing to the dependents for their sustenance (g)”each one-police one” etc !

I am sure, these provide a kick in the butt because the most loved ones for anyone are one’s own family members ! ! !