‘Sorry’- the magical de stressing pill !

Ramana Gove

Most of the tensions in our daily lives are often avoided by simple exchange of suitable words ! They act faster even than medications !

We are simply pleased by simple gestures or expressions in many occasions in daily life.We may be even at the height of anger, irritation restlessness and even be fretting and frowning ! Even under such furious situations a simple word like ‘sorry’ is often enough to act like a cannon of water from the hose of a fire fighter that can douse the flames of an inferno. Just two instances many of us might have come across are what I want to discuss here.

Imagine a teacher engrossed in teaching to such an extent that he is unmindful of the surroundings.All of a sudden his attention was distracted by a pleasant voice of a student standing at the door and asking politely”May I come in sir”? One can imagine the speed with which the blood would be rushing and gushing through the veins at such an instant, face turning furious,teeth clenching, eyes turning red and jaws drooping and shouting “Why the hell are you late to the class ? Then pat came the sweet reply “Sorry sir, I am late” ! All of a sudden the entire anger melts like a chunk of ice kept in the open at noon on the hottest day of the year! You might have guessed by this time the reply from the teacher which is none other than “come in “! This is a very common experience for all of us in our school or college days !

You are driving on a high way with your hands on the steering wheel and fingers tossing on the wheel in rhythm to the tune of a melodious song in the stereo.You are perfectly on track and all of a sudden a vehicle zoomed past you on the wrong side and you were simply caught unawares and heard a small eery noise hardly noticeable and in the whip of a second, that vehicle was far ahead of you and the adrenaline started rushing in you and you were about to cry, shout, yell and honk the horn all in a frenzied attempt to stop him.But imagine for a while, that the vehicle stopped and the person got off it and started approaching yours and you too turned off the engine, ready for a brawl and a fight with fists.The man came closer, laid his hands on the doors ,peeped in and said “ I am sorry sir the fault is mine” ! I need not explain what could be your reaction.I am sure in at least 90% of cases, one would say, “its alright” again your anger melting like ice !

 So the magic word “ sorry” and admission of a mistake committed often solves so many tensions in our daily lives for us and for all those around.There is nothing wrong in being wrong but not admitting it. ignoring it and repeating it several times is wrong !