On Nomophobia

Undoubtedly internet is a source of knowledge, fun and pleasure, if properly made use of ! Gluing to internet has kept the youth away from indulging in undesirable acts such as drug addiction, roaming without purpose etc.However, the main draw back is that, the easy sources of entertainment such as mobiles, computer, TV and internet have made many minds dull in the sense that everything is ready with out the mind making an effort.I have seen many students even in plus two level being unable to give quick answers for a sum involving two digit multiplication or simple subtraction and finding the unknown from given expression. It's not because they are incapable ,but because the answer is ready in the calculator in the hand . 
Also, addiction to internet has made many isolated from off line social life.It has become a common practice now, that, if guests visit the house the children just peep in to say 'hello' and then be gone, engaging themselves either in chatting or browsing. Neither the children of the visitors accompany them for the same reason not to isolate themselves from their own world. 
Though life without these modern tools is difficult to be imagined , the best thing is to strike a balance between the merits and demerits ,by constantly striving to make the best use of them. Else, with inadequate physical and mental exercise, there is a danger of degeneration into imbeciles as was portrayed in the sci -fi novel 'Time Machine' by H G Wells.