Science And Common Sense

Suppose you want to close a door ! Would you place your hand at the free end, far from the hinges or at fixed end ? For sure, you would place at the free end ! Though you may not know the principle of science behind, your body knows the language of science , the language of convenience and comfort ! Let us observe a book lying on the table and and a car moving on a road ! Does the book move on its own or the car stop on its own? Common sense with no knowledge of science tells us that the the answers are “NO”. This common sense observation was questioned by Newton to find out the reason the how and why, and we have before us,the famous “Newton’s Laws of Motion”which revolutionised entire perception of our understanding of the events we see in daily life and changed the course of science and civilisation.

 It is understandable that science in a way, involves common sense and the great thing that distinguishes a scientist from the ordinary is the role played by inquisitiveness and perseverance in finding the answers for how, why, when etc.It is this gem of a bunch of people in different fields, who revolutionised the evolution of human civilisation by being the game changers and  made humans distinctly different from many other mammals.The human body and mind give many indications as to when to do, how to do and what to do, but if we are simply satisfied with them but do not try to start exploring the principles behind them, science and civilisation do not keep on advancing. Perhaps there is no end to this outburst of fountain of knowledge and there will always be scope to focus and find, invent and improvise, deduce and deviate from the accepted theories and norms for betterment !